Top 5 Ways To Style Your Bridesmaids

Top 5 Ways To Style Your Bridesmaids

Top 5 Ways To Style Your Bridesmaids. Mobile Image

Aug 15, 2020

Bridesmaids have the important duty of supporting the bride on her special day. Anyone with such an important job should look and feel their best. Today we are bringing you some ideas on how to style your bridesmaids so everyone can feel confident on the big day!


A Pop of Color - Christina Wu Style #22376

Weddings are fun and the colors that surround the bride and groom should reflect that! This Christina Wu dress comes in 50 amazing colors and fun-colored bridesmaids dresses are a great way to tie in your accent color to the bridal party. Pro tip: your “something blue” could be the bridesmaids’ dresses!

Thoughtful Color Scheme - Christina Wu Style #22953


When picking the location of your wedding, have you considered matching your dress to the environment? Becoming one with your wedding location is just one way to make the space truly yours! For outside weddings, try colors that naturally appear in nature such as the pastel colors seen on flowers.


Same, but different - Christina Wu Style #22965


The best way to ensure all of the bridesmaids feel comfortable is to let them pick out the dress! This is a trending wedding style as the bride and groom still get their color scheme and the bridesmaids get to wear a dress of their personal style, win-win!


Sparkle and Shine - Christina Wu Style #22704


You have carefully selected your bridesmaids and what better way to show them off than in a sparkly gown? Colors such as rose gold, silver, and gold are eye-catching and beautiful on a variety of skin tones, so this is a definite way to share the spotlight with some of your favorite people!


Winter Wonderland - Christina Wu Style #22940


For weddings in colder months, opt for a long sleeve bridesmaids gown. This dress will keep your bridesmaids warm and stylish! This dress comes in 11 beautiful colors so are sure to find the perfect color.


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