Bring the Right Supporters to Your Appointment

Bring the Right Supporters to Your Appointment

Jul 23, 2021

We love when brides bring guests to their appointments! Having a support system to help you with the big decision of choosing your perfect wedding dress is important. When you’re torn between two dresses and need a second opinion, having someone you trust there to give you advice you trust can make your appointment that much better—not to mention how much fun it is to share the joy of finally finding “the one” with your loved ones once you’ve made a final decision!

While we think every bride should bring her family and friends to her appointment, we also recommend bringing the right family and friends. You want to bring people who will be honest with you when you ask, but won’t overshadow your own opinions. Sometimes, we’ll find brides bringing guests that create more stress than joy during the appointment. If you have someone who you know will voice their opinion, whether you want to hear it or not, positive or negative, we recommend you don’t bring them—there’s nothing worse than seeing a bride love a dress in the fitting room, only to be torn down by a comment from a loved one moments later saying they don’t like it before the bride’s had the opportunity to say she does.



A great way to ensure you’re bringing the right supporters is to keep your group limited—while it’s tempting to bring every bridesmaid, aunt, cousin, future in-law, and friend you can find, it’s better to keep things to a small group. Bringing your maid of honor, mom, sister, or whoever you consider your closest, most trusted friends is best—not only do they know you well enough to have a good idea of what you’re looking for, they’ll know when to give you an opinion and when to let you make the choice yourself. Keeping a limited group of guests also ensures a smaller scope of opinions—with a larger group, you’re bound to have difference of opinion, and you don’t want to spend your wedding day thinking back on the comment your aunt made calling the dress you chose “tacky” despite the rest of the group loving it. Bring 3-4 guests, be picky about who you invite, and spend your appointment with as little stress as possible!

Still searching for your dream dress? Bring a few of your biggest supporters and book an appointment at Brooke’s Bridal and Ball, and let us (and your friends!) help you find your dream dress.