Bridal Appointment Essentials

Bridal Appointment Essentials

Dec 18, 2020

Are you a bride with a bridal appointment coming up, but you’re unsure of what to bring? While your first appointment is sure to give you that excited butterfly feeling, it can also bring on a little bit of worry. No need to stress girl, we here at Brooke’s Bridal & Ball have got you covered! We’ve put together a guide to all the essential things you need to make your bridal appointment run smoothly, so you can relax, have fun, and find the dress of your dreams. Read on to find out all the Bridal Appointment Essentials!

Who to Bring

The most important thing to keep in mind is to choose loved ones who have your best interests at heart. A smaller I Do Crew allows for a more personal, intimate experience when searching for your dream wedding dress. More people means more opinions! This is your special day, and you shouldn’t feel like you’re having to perform for the crowd. Always pick friends or family members who are there to support your shine!

What to Wear

Wearing nude undergarments is best when attending your bridal appointment, and a nude strapless bra is definitely essential. You don’t want any stray bra straps or colorful panties stealing the spotlight! 
Additionally, choose a pair of shoes that you can take on and off with ease. If you’re on the shorter side, try opting for a pair of sturdy heels or even a wedge. This will make walking in long wedding dresses a breeze, and will give you an idea of how you will look proportionally on your special day. If you’re on the taller side, feel free to opt for a pair of comfy flats. No matter what your stature, if you already have your dream heels picked out, by all means, bring them too! 
One thing you do not want to bring to your appointment is a ton of accessories. Ideally, the only one you need is your engagement ring! Extra bracelets, necklaces, and earrings will only distract from the bridal gowns, and are a pain to take on and off. Keep it simple - this day is all about the wedding dress!

Other Essentials 

Bring any articles of inspiration you have on hand. This is where your Pinterest board really comes in handy! The more specific with what types of silhouettes, necklines, sleeve types, and style vibes you’re leaning towards, the easier it will be for your bridal stylist to get a feel for what you like. Try putting together a mood board, or even bringing dresses from bridal magazines you’re loving. 
Other vital essentials for your bridal appointment are a positive attitude, an open mind, and your beautiful smile!


We hope this little guide has helped you feel more at ease with your upcoming bridal appointment. You’re totally gonna shine!

Haven’t booked an appointment yet? Make an appointment at Brooke’s Bridal & Ball to find the wedding dress of your dreams at our beautiful bridal boutique in Fairfax, VA. What are you waiting for? Your dream dress awaits…