Wedding Gown Preservation

After the wedding, we understand that brides want to preserve their wedding dress to keep for generations. You may want the dress for another family member to wear one day, or simply to have as a cherished memory of your wedding day. Regardless of what you’re thinking of, you’ll want to clean and preserve your gown so it lasts for years to come. 


Part of the preservation process involves cleaning—throughout your wedding day, you’re sure to get some stains on your dress, from dirt and grass to accidental wine spills and any other routine mishaps that occur throughout the day. Cleaning a garment like your wedding dress is much more involved than a typical cleaning, so it’s important to have it done professionally. 

At Brooke’s Bridal and Ball, we sell wedding gown preservation kits through our partnership with a preservation company. You’ll be able to send your wedding dress to a professional cleaning service, which will return your gown completely cleaned and preserved, looking as beautiful as the day you bought it. Any accidental stains will be gone, and the dress will stay completely preserved for as long as you need. These kits come with clear instructions on how to pack your wedding dress and any accessories, making the entire process as easy as possible. Your gown will be returned to you as good as new, and preserved to last you a lifetime.