Private Collection Myths

Private Collection Myths

At Brooke’s Bridal & Ball, we carry private collection wedding dresses, and we’ve found that many brides aren’t aware of what this means or why this is such a common practice among bridal boutiques. Private labeling refers to taking the original manufacturer-given names off of dresses and adding our own store name in their place. There are many myths surrounding this practice, so we’re here to tell you the truth about private labeling, as well as how it impacts your dress shopping experience and the bridal industry as a whole:



Myth #1: Private Collections are Designer Knock-offs/“Throwaways”


The biggest misconception about private label wedding dresses is that they are designer knock-offs, and this is far from the truth! Private labels are all entirely authentic, made of high-quality materials, and are not “throwaways” marked by the designer as defective or irregular. Every dress in our private collection exceeds all standards of luxury and quality.



Myth #2: Private Collections are a Price Scam


Another common myth on private collections claims that private labels are used to prevent brides from verifying prices, allowing dresses to be sold at a higher price than they retail for. In reality, private labeling does quite the opposite of giving boutiques control over pricing, as removing a renowned designer’s name from a dress actually risks the piece losing perceived value, not gaining it.



Myth #3: Private Collections Benefit Boutiques, Not Brides


The overall distrust of private collections stems from the false idea that boutiques disguise labels in order to benefit financially by gauging prices or buying less expensive, faulty dresses. The real reason we love our private collection so much is that it allows us to hand-curate a line of bridal gowns by different designers that embodies our boutique’s unique tastes and aesthetics. This gives us the opportunity to offer our brides something exclusive and special to our store that you won’t find online or anywhere else.


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